The Driving Force Behind My ‘Why’

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”  Unknown

When asked why I practice and love working in real estate, there are likely 100 ways to answer the question. While it feels natural and true to say it’s because I have a passion for helping others, it goes much deeper than that. It’s helping my clients crush their goals. It’s the feeling of being a part of building wealth. It’s the joy I feel when I see them at the closing table. It’s the chance to help make a difference in their family’s lifestyle.

My clients and their goals are the starting point of what allows me to do what I love. Goals look so different for each client based on their own personal why. Many times, these goals are exciting, invigorating, dreamy, romantic, or eager. Other times, the goals may envelope heartbreak, unexpected change, or grief. As their real estate agent, it’s my duty to help them lean into those emotions or ideas throughout the process while purposefully working towards achieving the outcome they desire. Real estate is not a one ‘one size fits all’ type experience, it’s a roller coaster that sometimes has unexpected peaks and valleys. I pride myself in offering the type of service that navigates accordingly and provides superior knowledge and support.

One of my favorite examples of why I love what I do is about a couple, Roger and Judy. Roger and Judy had connected with me to learn more about buying a home, their forever home. After being married for over 50 years and finally enjoying a well deserved retirement, it was time for a change! They wanted a property that would feel manageable in terms of mobility and maintenance, but also one that had some beautiful features such as a sunroom and main level laundry. Our search would also be the first time Roger and Judy purchased a home together since their current house was actually one that was kept in the family throughout a few generations. For me, I was elated to help – first time home buyers who are also searching for their dream forever home? Brilliantly exciting. You may be shocked by this next statement: it took them nearly two years to find the perfect home. It’s true, they were never in a hurry, but were always thankful for my patience with them as we navigated a challenging market with historically low inventory, personal changes, and so on. Plus, finding the perfect home takes some time to make sure all boxes are checked. Turns out, the right home ended up being in a totally different area than we originally had looked at. Judy and Roger ultimately decided that being close to their children was the deciding factor. Things happened fast, and almost a little unexpectedly, and before you know it, they had an accepted offer on a beautiful recently built home. One that of course included main level laundry and a sun room! With a new home to move into, the fun part of selling their current home started. One of the best parts of their longer time line for searching was that their home’s value increased dramatically since we had first started working together. I am sure you can imagine how excited they were to learn that their patience was truly a great virtue! Thanks to Judy and Roger’s trust in me, we were able to create a timeline and game plan that allowed them to capitalize on current market conditions while also taking the time they needed to move from one home to another without feeling overwhelmed. When you’ve lived in the same home for 50 years, there are big feelings involved! We were fortunate to work with buyers who also had a fantastic agent, and the process was smooth for everyone involved. Roger and Judy were beyond thankful the day we got to the closing table, but I was so sad that my time with them came to an end. I still keep in touch with Judy and Roger to this day, and it’s so fun to see how much they are loving their new home.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from a forever home would be a first home, and boy do I love working with first time home buyers! Another quick example of why I do what I do… Cristian and Amanda were first time home buyers relocating to the Madison area for work. They were leaving the congested area of Los Angeles, California and searching for a slower paced lifestyle that wouldn’t involve a 2 hour commute to work each way. When I began working with Amanda and Cristian, they had talked about likely renting. After a few meetings, we approached the idea of owning a home. After I connected them to a few different reputable local lenders, they discovered that it was indeed possible to buy a home! With excitement and anticipation at the forefront, I surveyed them to learn about their wants and needs in a home. It’s then that they told me “…we never truly believed we would be able to own a home…” and wow, did that bring on all of the feels. Cristian and Amanda are the perfect example to prove that with the right team, thoughtful planning, and a little patience, homeownership is absolutely attainable! It was an absolute joy watching them and assisting them through the process of finding and buying their first home. What an honor it is to be trusted to help in such a monumental moment.

Want to learn how you can have a similar experience as Judy & Roger or Amanda & Cristian, let’s get the conversation started on how we can make your move memorable!